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Welcome to Sustainability @ NCSSM! We are so happy that you are interested in sustainability. On this website, you will find information about future sustainability events and resources on how to be sustainable at NCSSM.

Featured Announcements

Reduced Carbon Closet

Do you have too many clothes? Have you hit a growth spurt in the last few years? Did you completely reinvent yourself and now have a wardrobe you don't wear? Good news!

The Sustainability Project Leaders are proud to present the second reduced carbon closet of the year! Drop off any unwanted clothing items in the designated boxes around campus from January 29th to March 4th! We do ask that all the clothes you donate are already clean. We would also appreciate you keeping the donations strictly clothing.

Come shop on Saturday, March 4th, from 2-5 p.m. on Hill Street! Give those clothes in the very back of your closet a second chance! Avoid fast fashion! Support sustainability at NCSSM while getting free clothes!

Clean and Green

Come to Hill Street on March 1st and kick off Art & Sustainability month for Clean & Green, Wellness Wednesday!. In this lively midweek event, we will be participating in a campus-wide event full of fun activities! Find out more here!

Sustainafall (10/15, 3-5pm)

Sustainafall will be our first sustainability event this year. We will have a scavenger hunt where you will find sustainability hotspots on campus. There will also be booths where you can paint your own recycling bin or tote bag. If you have any old clothes you would like to donate, bring them for Carbon Closet and if you're interested in planting, we will be planting native grasses and bushes in the bike shed. Come if you want donuts! We have something for everyone! For more information about the event, visit our Sustainafall event page.

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