Current Initiatives

We, the SPLs, are constantly looking to design events which can best engage the NCSSM community in taking this greater mission. Please look below to see some of the upcoming events this school year!

Art and Sustainability Month

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Find out more information at the Art and Sustainability Month information page!

Sustainafall (10/15, 3:00pm)

Sustainafall will be our first sustainability event this year. We will have a scavenger hunt where you will find sustainability hotspots on campus. There will also be booths where you can paint your own recycling bin or tote bag. If you have any old clothes you would like to donate, bring them for Carbon Closet and if you're interested in planting, we will be planting native grasses and bushes in the bike shed. Come if you want donuts! We have something for everyone! Find out more information at the Sustainafall event page!