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The SPLs would love to hear from you about our initiatives! Please reach us to us at the contact form or contact us via Messenger or the emails listed below.

2022-2023 Sustainability Project Leaders

Keshav Varadarajan

Hi guys! My name is Keshav. My pronouns are he/him. This year, I’ll be one of the Sustainability Project Leaders (SPLs) on campus. I’m very interested in renewable energy and my main goals for sustainability this year are to make our school more energy efficient by changing electric appliances like light bulbs to their more efficient counterparts and to move our school towards using more solar energy. I am looking forward to working with the other SPL’s to make the school more environmentally friendly. You can reach me at varadarajan23k@ncssm.edu.

Bo Chi

Hi! I’m Bo (he/him)! I’ll be one of your Sustainability Project Leaders (SPL) this year, and I'm really excited to work with you, the NCSSM community, in this upcoming school year! Striving to make this school a more environmentally friendly place is a journey that will take all of us, and if you're here, that's a great first step. I'm very interested in working on facilitating and promoting sustainable habits through communication and technology, and will be working this year. Please feel free to contact me at chi23b@ncssm.edu or reach out over Messenger, if you have any comments or questions, and I look forward to working with you all more soon!

Ava Bass

Hey everyone! My name is Ava Bass(she/her) and I am from Wilkesboro, NC. I am so excited to be an SPL this year! I am interested in waste management, specifically finding creative ways to repurpose trash. I love using things you wouldn’t expect to make art. I am so excited to share and promote sustainability on campus! Feel free to reach out to me at bass23a@ncssm.edu.

Lucinda Marmolejos

Hi! I’m Lucinda (they/she) and I’m from Asheville, NC. I really love backpacking and that’s fueled my interest in environmental sciences and ecopsychology. As an SPL I’m interested in creating more natural spaces on campus and resource sharing to decrease the amount of waste we output. I’m so excited to help NCSSM work on sustainability this year. Please feel free to reach out, my email is marmolejos23l@ncssm.edu.

Paulina Goping

Hi! I'm Paulina (she/they) and I'm from Kill Devil Hills. Living on the beach has made me conscious of human impact on wildlife/the environment, so I’m passionate about protecting coastal ecosystems and minimizing waste. Campus-wise, I’m interested in finding ways to reduce waste (I’m one of the co-directors for terracycling on campus) and gauging student interest and involvement.

You can reach me at: goping23p@ncssm.edu