SAVE THE DATE! Sustainafall will take place 10/15 from 3-5pm

Sustainafall will be our first sustainability event for this year. We will have a scavenger hunt where you will find sustainability hotspots on campus. There will also be booths where you can paint your own recycling bin or tote bag. If you have any old clothes you would like to donate, bring them for Carbon Closet and if you're interested in planting, we will be planting native grasses and bushes in the bike shed. Come if you want donuts!

SAGE, SEEC, and the SPLs are excited to announce our first big project of the year! Come out to Hill Street on Saturday, October 15, from 3-5 p.m. to do your PART.

P - Pimp your recycling bin! Do you have one of those red recycling bins in your room but it doesn’t quite match your aesthetic? Did you even know we had personal recycling bins? Come pick one up and decorate it!

A - Anti-erosion planting at the bike shed! We have a slew of native vegetation that needs planting around the bikeshed to prevent further erosion. If you dig a hole, you get a free donut!

R - Reduced carbon closet!

Inspired by Buddy Wilson’s carbon closets last year, we will have NCSSM’s very own thrift store! Donate clothes you don’t want to any of the boxes around campus. Then, come shop free of charge! Don’t support fast-fashion!

T - Tote bag painting!

Put an end to using those flimsy Harris Teeter plastic bags! Come paint your very own reusable tote bag!

With a photo scavenger hunt, terracycling games, and information on how to get involved in sustainability at NCSSM, you can’t miss it! We hope to see everyone on October 15.